At Camp Severn, we view sponsorship as a two-way street, a harmonious exchange of value that benefits both parties involved. As the proud curators of an engaged audience, we recognize the importance of delivering a sponsorship experience that not only aligns with the goals of our sponsors but also adds significant value and enjoyment for our cherished visitors.

Before reaching out to potential sponsors, we delve into thorough research, ensuring that our offerings seamlessly integrate with the interests and preferences of our audience. We are committed to delivering a remarkable experience that resonates with both the sponsor's objectives and the expectations of our attendees.

Our sponsorship packages are thoughtfully tailored with this principle in mind. Whether your sponsorship is grand or modest, we prioritize making it a wise investment that yields tangible returns. To achieve this, we invest time in understanding your unique goals and conduct in-depth research to intimately know the audience we bring together. The result is a partnership that goes beyond expectations.

🚀 Why Sponsor Camp Severn - Kids Festival?

  1. National brand recognition: Elevate your brand's visibility on a national scale through our festival, reaching diverse demographics and creating a lasting impression.
  2. Community engagement: Immerse your brand in the heart of the community, fostering genuine connections and leaving a positive impact on local audiences.
  3. ROI (Return on Investment): Experience a tangible and measurable return on your investment, with strategic sponsorship opportunities designed for maximum impact.
  4. Increased brand awareness: Boost your brand's visibility and awareness among families and youth, leveraging the unique and vibrant environment of our festival.
  5. Direct contact with target audience: Forge direct connections with your target audience, fostering meaningful interactions and potential customer relationships.
  6. Building relationships: Cultivate relationships with potential customers or partners in a relaxed and enjoyable setting, creating lasting impressions.
  7. Event cost coverage: Contribute to the success of Camp Severn by helping cover event costs, demonstrating your commitment to community focused events.
  8. Adding value and credibility: Enhance the festival experience by adding value and credibility, creating a positive association with your brand.
  9. Raise Audience Interest: Capture the attention of our diverse audience, sparking interest and curiosity among attendees.
  10. Attract more attendees: Increase attendance through your sponsorship, drawing more families to experience the magic of Camp Severn.
  11. Bridge connections between groups: Act as a catalyst in fostering connections between different groups of people, contributing to a sense of unity and community.
  12. More exposure: Maximise your brand exposure through tailored sponsorship levels, ensuring your presence is felt throughout the festival.
  13. Creating a positive public image: Align your brand with positivity and community spirit, creating a lasting and favourable public image.
  14. Connecting with new customers: Enjoy the festival first-hand, connecting with new customers, and basking in the vibrant atmosphere of Camp Severn.
If you're eager to embark on this exciting journey with us and explore the endless possibilities of a Camp Severn - Kids Festival sponsorship, reach out via the form below.

🌈 We can't wait to create festival magic together!🌈

Every package can be tailored to suit. Contact us to discuss further.

Sponsorship Packages

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